Startups: The constantly innovating tradition

Dimitrios Pogkas is a Journalist and Startups Editor at portal. Since Mozaik is an enterprise that uses the new online media and keeps always investing on innovative ideas, we interviewed Mr Pogkas on the new Internet investments and startups in Europe and especially in Greece. He kindly provided us with some elements about the expansion of online commerce in Greece, while it is reeling under economic crisis.

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The new multi-screen world

According Google, majority of media consumption (about 90%) come along in front of a screen! The gradually simultaneous use of PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, TVs leads to what we call ‘cross-platform behavior’ that creates new standards in consumer behavior analysis.

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Google Glass: “A day in the future”

Are you a bold, creative individual having 1500$?

If you signed in Google+ or Twitter where you posted how you would use the Google Glass if you won, in no more than 50 words, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass until last week (February 27th)…then you could be one of the winners, chosen by Google to live “A day in the future” with your Google Glass!

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