Daios Luxury Living moves forward with a totally renovated online presence featuring the latest design trends.Having acquired an in-depth understanding of the hotel’s style and philosophy we have conceived a proposal reflecting the unique selling points.

Our main objective was the creation of an online presence, that applies effectively and harmoniously to the established brand identity and the website’s commercial elements.

The general look and feel of the design is fresh and simple, yet atmospheric enough to convey the central concept of a city hotel in the heart of Thessaloniki. Easy to navigate and focused on the most important commercial features (offers, banners, book online) it incorporates the essence of a boutique hotel with excellent facilities & services.

The fully dynamic website is resizable with vertical scroll, which means it covers the whole surface of all common screen resolutions in width and allows visitor to scroll down to find information.

The website which uses minified & cached js and CSS was developed in HTML 5 to facilitate user experience and navigation.

View more here: www.daioshotels.com