Drawing on the notions of excellence, authenticity and simplicity, La Réserve Group of Hotels have accelerated the process of Rethinking Luxury. All hotels have been thoughtfully crafted to make guests feel at home and share the art of fine living in spaces designed to breathe modern refinement and cultured elegance.

As such, La Réserve Hotel & Spa Paris, assigned Mozaik to re-envision its website so as to reflect the hotel’s grand Parisian style and be more in line with the latest digital technological advancements.

The enchanting, fresh new website brings out the hotel’s authentic Parisian character and the sought-after location along with the unique touch of Parisian expertise and the highly professional service always delivered in a personal manner.

Imbued with the elegance of the early 20th century, the hotel’s heightened luxury is hidden in the details as instructed by Art Director Grégoire Gadette. Details that also highlight the French art of living throughout the website in a delicate yet lively manner with the spectacular photos and large, elegant fonts.

Mozaik envisioned a premier luxury lifestyle website, complementing the hotel’s chic Parisian flair and sense of refined heritage, while making way for a smooth transition into the new digital landscape.

Each section of the website has been thoroughly addressed to ensure a seamless UX experience. An e-commerce approach has been adopted for the spa and restaurant sections to ease the booking process for guests wishing to pre-arrange their spa schedule or reserve a table while the bookwize-liquid plug in allows visitors to check for room availability and book the room of their preference on the spot.

Refined, innovative, user-friendly and technologically advanced, the brand-new website of La Réserve Hotel & Spa Paris fuels a new, exciting and genuine statement of luxury.

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