Google announced a new version of their partner badge, the Premier Google Partners.

What does this mean?

The new red badge of “Premier” is designed to recognize Google Partners, at the highest level, for their paid advertising products and a way of differentiating agencies with specific product expertise and increased performance.

From now and on, Mozaik belongs to this community as its Partner status has been upgraded to a “Premier Google Partner”.

Company Specializations Earned

Badged agencies can earn specializations in 5 areas: search advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, display advertising and shopping advertising. Mozaik is one of the few agencies that achieved to specialize knowledge in 3 categories, “Search Ads”, “Mobile Ads” and “Display Ads”.

How does this benefit our current & future clients?

By integrating tactically various digital channels we can drive growth for your business as our current clients enjoy. This badge is a recognition of Mozaik’s holistic approach and shows that:

  • We’ve demonstrated advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products
  • We can help your business grow online and increase direct sales, as we have been trained and certified by Google to help business like yours
  • We are recognized as a leading agency for developing and maintaining successful online advertising campaigns for businesses
  • We get access to exclusive trainings that help us and help you.

Mozaik Agency as a Premier Google Partner

Mozaik is an Integrated Digital Marketing Agency that has an extensive experience in crafting and executing Google advertising campaigns focused but not limited to the hospitality sector; Mozaik services clients from Automotive, Health, Retail, Insurance and other sectors as well.

Mozaik has managed to deliver the best possible ROI by implementing Google’s advertising strategies. Especially, within the hospitality sector during the past 2 years, our customers’ direct online bookings have risen more than 50%.

We are proud to be among the highly experienced agencies that are Premier Google Partners.

Do you want to work with a Premier Google Partner?

Contact as at and let us grow your business.