Celebrating 200 Years of the Greek Independence, Morias is back at the spotlight. Costa Navarino, “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation along with more than 74 institutions, universities, businesses, and artists are uniting their deep knowledge and insights to offer a unique travel experience as a tribute to the heroes of the revolution and the region’s great historical heritage.

The client needed a website that will present the 4 pillars of action that the visitor can experience (History, Art, Gastronomy and Nature) but also the 21 routes that he is invited to follow in order to fully comprehend their importance in creating history. Another prerequisite was to include all partners of the action as each and every one of them has played a significant role for its completion and of course to have the website ready in a very short period of time as it is a seasonal action that will last only until the end of 2021.

Mozaik undertook this very unique and challenging project and was able to deliver a dedicated, very informative website in less than 3 months of time without ever compromising on functionality or design aesthetics. Right from the start, the website introduces visitors to the action and takes them on a journey to Morias (Peloponnese) through the 21 thematic routes that were specially designed to familiarize travelers with the History, Arts, Gastronomy and Nature of the region. The journey is enhanced through works of art from Greek and foreign artists inspired by nature, the heroes and the revolution itself that come alive throughout the website. The journey continues with culinary expeditions inspired by the eating habits of the heroes of the Greek revolution choreographed by the famous chef Lefteris Lazarou and comes to an end with a tour to Moria’s century old trees that have witnessed the events and heartaches of the revolution. The website also features interactive maps with the default routes and the actions included in each route that can also open in google maps for the visitor’s convenience.

Inspired by the color of the logo and the great natural heritage of the Peloponnese this unique, thematic website uses a modern design and typography as well as smooth animation effects to bridge history and heritage with the new digital age offering both website visitors and travelers an experience full of history, flavor, and culture.

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