Mozaik’s graphic designers squad was found present at the Digitized 14 conference. We sat through the applause, the speeches and eye-popping visuals and gathered a number of insights that could shake up things a bit.

Here are the odds and ends of the evening.


Digital Chaos

Multiple screens & hundreds of touch-points have become the default means for our day to day interactions creating a digital chaos. A chaos that we rely on as it simultaneously connects millions of people in real time.


Trial and error, iterate and iterate again

Stumbling across creative or technological dead-ends often allows you to step up & choose another direction unleashing different dimensions of creativity. The only way to realize if a feature actually works is to try it, test it, retest and retry.

Interdisciplinary team work, break the barriers

A powerful web project relies on the concept-design, the implementation and content. Kicking off all three processes at the same time is the key to success while the involvement of the client definitely ads to the outcome.

Incorporate love & passion

Love & passion are the basic ingredients of any creative formula. If a project is developed without those two factors at some point in time it will show. Love what you do, do what you love!

digitized quote

Design the experience, not just graphics

A unique experience is what will engage your audience. “Be magic or be invisible”.
3D and video are now accessible by most devices, use them to your advantage and create an incredible realistic experience that will do the magic.
At the same time mobile usage is gradually growing while only 1/8 of websites are using responsive web design. Do the math.

“Design as a verb is the process of human centered problem solving.”

Overall there are several tips and tricks to empower the digital experience. Your only challenge is to creatively adopt them and keep yourself on the surface.