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Launching a product is as important as creating it.


NAOS Skincare Greece represents Bioderma in the country. Bioderma is a pioneer dermatological company, established in 1970 and specializes in applying biology to dermatology. It is a unique scientific approach that combines deep knowledge of the biological mechanisms of the skin for the development of products inspired by the skin itself. Bioderma bases its products on the reactivation of the natural pores of the skin so that it returns to is natural functions. The procedure is called biomimetic and aims at preserving, activating and restoring the skin’s natural mechanisms.


NAOS Skincare welcomed Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch in its product portfolio. A tinted, 50SPF protection, face sunscreen. Light to the touch and natural looking, it mingles perfectly with the skin’s natural shade in only 30’’. Mozaik took up the launch of the product in the Greek market as the absolute, new generation sunscreen for summer 2019 but also as the mandatory asset of the skin throughout the year. The international slogan “you look better nude” was mandatory and needed to be enhanced and supported locally with related messages and creatives in the landing page, social media content, contests and advertising channels.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Inform about a new product launch and associate with the “nude” trend
  • Increase traffic in website
  • Increase sales in pharmacies

Inspired by the “nudity” of the product’s DNA, Mozaik acted in two phases. A pre-launch product contest phase just before the Greek Easter taking advantage of the dying eggs red tradition and the official launch following the success of the contest. The trend of nude in fashion was also used as a lever to enhance the concept and associate it with all the top choices for a modern look just before the hot summer arrived. The launch was implemented in a landing page with structured information on the new product and use of social media engaging and rich media content and promotion, youtube videos promotion, a contest activation and email marketing with two newsletters. All the above were supported with paid presence with search text ads in branded and product related users’ queries.

Concept and key visual

Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch gives natural grace to the skin. One looks better nude, because healthy, natural looking skin is incomparable. The touch of light also becomes milder with the right protection and what is mostly elegant is flawless skin that is also fully protected. To adopt the nude look, puts one in the pedestal of fashion and the chic association with the general nude trend. A combination of skin protection and high fashion was the ideal concept for the launch of this innovative product. If one wanted to be in, one had to adopt the nude trend in their sun protection as well.


The tradition of dying the eggs red for Easter, was defied by Bioderma Photoderm NUDE TOUCH which came up with a product contest based on this concept. “This Easter Stay Nude’’ depicting a nude, natural looking egg. The contest invited participants to send their info and be among the lucky ones who would “defy” the red egg tradition and be the first to try the product, preparing also the official launch campaign after Easter period.

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The teaser, clearly connected the nude fashion trend with the product, by depicting nude accessories, clothes, nails and even furniture in the first teaser banner, thus preparing for what was about to follow.


The launch phase followed, with a fully developed landing page, dedicated to the product, its unique qualities and characteristics analyzed, supported by #nudeisthenewblack contest, with an exclusive VIP present, and newsletter subscription. Mozaik created a visual identity based on the “liquid to dust’’ consistency of the product and its revolutionary technology, in a nude colors palette and sunny yellow elements, characteristic of the sunscreen category. Multilevel social media posts with rich media content and specific targeted promotion highlighted all the necessary product information and usage specifics. A programmatic advertising display campaign directed users to the landing page and to increase of awareness for the new product. During the first phase a set of different types of YouTube Ads were utilized to create product awareness through product video promotion and, at the second phase, an influencers video which emphasized to the shades of the product supported the core message and product USP’s.

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