V2 Development is the No1 residential development company in Greece, successor to ERGON. With more than 7,000 real estate assets under its exclusive ownership since 1962, V2 Development has redefined the real estate sector in Greece.

Boosted by the leadership of its CEO, Vaggelis Kteniadis, V2 Development is a Greek market expert with a professional team leading the way in land development, construction, trading, property management and high yield investments. Determined to always lead a streamline process the company offers personalized service and customized solutions that enhance quality, client, employee and community satisfaction.

The company delivers outstanding financial returns and has assisted with the launch of the Greek Investor Permanent Residency Program in 2013 that has now become the most popular investment program in the world.

As an ever-growing enterprise, V2 Development needed a new website that would clearly showcase its leading position in the Greek market, its work collection as well as the atmosphere of its offices.

Mozaik accepted the challenge to design and develop a fully responsive, SEO optimized website that would properly portray the company’s experience, expertise and know-how in residential development and at the same time adapt to the advancements of the new digital age.

The new website features a clean-cut design which highlights the services and the quality of residencies and developments. Getting innovative with design and UX, the website functions as a lead generation tool while allowing the user to easily navigate through pages and receive all information needed in every section, especially in the Residencies where he can enjoy a 360 virtual experience.

The gold and black typography against the all white background highlights the high-quality standards and professionalism while the burger menu and photos throughout make it easy for visitors to immediately get an idea of the services and move from section to section faster than ever.

V2 Development mostly focuses on residential, retail, hotels and warehouse facilities accounting for more than 4,5 square meters in total in Greece and abroad, in high developing regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou in China, Dubai, and Nairobi spreading its outreach around the world.

Learn more about V2 Development here: www.vsquared2.com