Keeping up its delightful cooperation with Libra Group, Mozaik announces the launch of FSA (First South American) Group’s new website.

With a contemporary, clean, user friendly yet corporate design, Mozaik has managed to produce and give out the very essence of one of the most important subsidiaries of Libra Group which focuses in strategic long term investments in Latin America through four main fields of expertise: real estate development, hospitality, real estate and financial services.

Breathing life into this utterly targeted design through an accurate and peak technology based development process was an important part of the job, resulting in a fresh, fully dynamic and highly customized website.

The website has been developed in HTML5 and utilizes CSS3 with limitation in the use of JavaScript and caching for all items in page, both resulting in a faster website, a dynamic totally tailor-made CMS platform for all pages and their elements and customized Google Maps API.

FSA Group reaches new heights with its totally renewed, SEO friendly website and Mozaik is a proud partner of this launch.

Discover FSA Group’s identity and powerful course here.