Expanding the flourishing collaboration with Belvedere Mykonos since its first website launch in February 2010, Mozaik assumes a triple venture in order to enhance the hotel’s online presence, achieve brand image consistency through a cutting edge mobile version and enhance user engagement via a forthcoming blog that will be covering a stream of news concerning the hotel and the island of Mykonos.

The initial design has put this well-known Mykonos Destination hotel on the map but since the era of speed is reaching its peak it was crucial to leave back any flash elements, eliminate any obstacles that would hinder the UX and speed up navigation.

The minified js and CSS among other great features such as the audio player developed in HTML 5 allow for faster web browsing through multiple screens and touch points from desktop to tablets.

Fully dynamic Belvedere’s refreshed website reflects the hotel’s exuberant character while revealing its exquisite facilities and supreme services.

Moreover, on behalf of Belvedere, Mozaik launches a micro site for the Belvedere Villas and a brand new website for the Seaside cottage by Belvedere all thriving under the same brand umbrella. With breakthrough SEO practices and techniques Mozaik succeeds to further enhance Belvedere’s online performance breaking the way for an efficient user interface.