Bouygues Telecom Foundation’s Appel à Projets competition awards financial support to thirty associations each year in the areas of solidarity, environment and education after a thorough study of their projects. The winners and the full list of endorsed associations are presented on Facebook apps also created by Mozaik’s team.

Mozaik’s two-sided role in this fascinating project first consisted in applying its savoir-faire and technical expertise so as to develop a quick, solid, limpid, safe but primarily straightforward experience toward an effortless submission procedure. The second facet was to simplify elaborate grading procedures for the judges and administrators in a custom-made back office.

The website grants the users the possibility to sign up, complete the forms and upload the compulsory credentials in several visits while administrators can make use of the whole array of features the back office offers. From leaving comments for judges and other administrators to view and editing the various applications’ fields to voting and selecting them for the next stage, they are given full control on the procedure within the limits of the contest’s regulations. They can also set the start and end date of a given competition, something which influences the website’s aspect and the user access to the forms. On top of these, the system provides bulk or individual email interaction with the candidates, a statistical panel for the submitted applications and an advanced search engine.

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