Wrapped in a refreshing spirit of revival, Haris Cotton decided to tap into the digital era with a brand new website radiating the fresh look and feel of its urban chic airy-linen.

Haris Cotton, led by a generation of two women has managed to capture the Greek summer in its high-quality airy linen drawing inspiration from the scents, the colors and natural materials of the Mediterranean making a fashion statement both in Greece and abroad.




Mozaik unleashed this refreshing spirit in a fresh and modern e-shop clearly stating the essence of the brand. Very functional and easy to navigate, the new e-shop of Haris Cotton makes browsing and purchasing a breeze across the website.

The linen background and city urban atmosphere reflect the idea behind the brand. Airy eco-conscious linen, embroideries and dyes that flatter the body on a clear summer day in the city.

A new color code of natural nuances and pink coral has been implemented into the website to further communicate the feminine character of the brand and the airy feel of the linen.



The navigation menu is easy to use and understand at a glance and so is the content. Visitors can browse through the clothes and collections in the fastest and most enjoyable way possible and proceed with their selection and purchase in the easiest way.

Discover the amazing Haris Cotton high-quality linen collections and flatter your body in style!