Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein had one thing in common other than bringing exquisite works of art, culture and science to the world…they all had a moustache; a sign of masculinity, honor, vitality, pride and style. So whether you enjoy being in fashion or being treated like a gentleman there is only one way to be both and “shave” a life at the same time: Movember.

Movember what?

The Movember Foundation was established in 2004 in Australia in order to raise funds for men’s health programs against prostate cancer and other vital diseases. Soon it began to spread to the corners of the world consisting now of 21 country-members.

The Conception of the Moustache

It all began when a group of friends in Australia decided to grow a moustache for the entire month of November of 1999. The trend was quickly spread, the size range of the group rose to 80 members and it simply kept spreading across the nation. Inspired from this incident a group of 30 men in 2014 decided to create a similar event, grow a moustache for the entire month of November and share their thoughts on prostate cancer and depression. That group is now proudly recognized as the Movember Foundation.


Who Cares?

EVERYONE! Prostate cancer as other men’s health issues are not a male secret. They are serious diseases that affect us all. Vital issues that we all need to understand and help prevent. So either you are a Mo bro or a Mo Sista, this Movember take part in “shaving a life”.


Because as long as you live in this world you are part of it and other parts of your universe need your help. “Shaving a life” is not personal!


Movermber Rules

Although simple, if you wish to be a Mo bro there are a set of rules you must follow. Mozaik will walk you through them: On the other hand if you wish to be a Mo Sista all you need to do is support the cause, share your thoughts and create awareness. Either those who do not wish to participate can still donate even 1 euro to the Movember Organization at

The Movember Challenge

That said, do you have what it takes to become a proud Mo? Mozaik challenges you to the Movember Challenge at Use our moustache App and wear the moustache of your choice with the click of a button.


Our Movember Team

If and only if you have what it takes, join our Movember Team through the Movember Foundation at and be a Proud Mo with us.


We are Mo Proud!
Are you?

Stay tuned as the best are yet to come…