We are back, ready to grant you insight access to the 2nd and 3rd day of the Marketing Festival through the keyhole!

The Official Premiere: Trends on digital marketing

On Saturday we arrived early at the Janáček Theater and found our seats in the breathtaking Opera Hall.Then Jindřich Fáborský officially opened the festival by explaining how it was organized and set. Following that, Paddy Moogan from Distilled talked about the past and the current trends before wrapping it up with future perspectives on digital marketing. He also revealed all the big mistakes that he, and Distilled, made over the last few years.

janacek theatre

Unique performance by Avinash Kaushik

The “star” of the day was of course Avinash Kaushik who ‘jumped’ on stage with his Google glasses and quickly thrilled the audience with his unique performance. Starting with examples of several user journeys he clearly illustrated his disappointment with some big advertisers; although they are constituted by smart people with big pockets, their digital strategies still lack the greatness.

“You need to optimize for a journey, not for a one-night stand!”

It sounded as if he was shouting into the microphone when referring to his ‘see-think-do’ framework that was popular back in 2013, a framework he talked us through for the next hour.

avinash kaushik

“You cannot judge a fish from his ability to climb”

He concluded by showing that a robust marketing strategy is effectively optimized only if we choose the right success metrics for each stage. Upon the end, the audience made Avinash giggle when he was asked why he wore the Google glasses. Apparently he was checking the timer on the top right corner during the presentation.

Final Highlights of the Day’s Agenda

Following the lunch break, we listened to Peter O´Neill who demonstrated how to utilize web analytics beyond mere reporting and get business value from the tool. Saturday’s agenda was closed by Craig Sullivan sharing some of his 19 years of experience in conversion rate optimization and A/B tests. Despite the long day, his British language, his expertise and fun performance definitely managed to engage us.

The day left us with a wealth of information, tons of inspiration and a strong determination to experience Brno’s (after) nightlife. Of course, a ‘Vromiko’ (a.k.a. late night street food) was the way to go and as it turned out it was unexpectedly delicious!

Google Shopping campaigns insights

Sunday started a bit slow. The first lecturer was Martin Roettgerding who showcased a unique technique to optimize Google Shopping campaigns. Then the seminar switched gear and Peter Meyers from Moz took the stage and demonstrated the Google SERP features differences between Google US vs. Europe.

Storytelling by Mike King

The day’s personal favorite was the last lecture where Mike King, rapper, digital expert and developer presented 126 slides in 35 minutes (including a crash course in programming with PHP!). With his energy and his storytelling style he has managed to effectively show us how to automatically acquire and visualize the data so as to convey a compelling story.

mike king

A Fest to remember

Overall, the Marketing Festival event in Brno was an amazing experience equally educating and fun. The great atmosphere with the digital marketers from around the world along with the insightful, inspiring, social and practical knowledge made this fest, a fest to remember.

marketing festival 2014
You are welcome to access all Marketing Festival presentations here along with videos for a small fee here.

We were happy to attend this festival and adopt all valuable insights in our everyday practices, will you?