The story of Idator goes back to 1969 when the Efstratiadis group established the first technical company in water management. The company soon evolved and changed its name to Efstratiadis AVETE until 2005 when the newer offspring Idator S.A. was introduced. Building on its heritage, experience and know-how, this second-generation company is transforming into a leading and trusted organization in the field of water management providing innovative products, services and industrial solutions related to clean water, sewage, systems of automation, operation and control as well as after sales support. It is the exclusive distributor of international brands such as Xylem, Seko, ETNA, Well Pumps, GWS and SFA oriented towards environmental sustainability and high quality of living.

The company’s former logo and website did not reflect the innovative and modern solutions that Idator provides through its products and services. Therefore, the company was in need of a total brand makeover. Always following the digital trends and technological advancements, Mozaik was happy to become involved with this project and bring the company’s identity in line with its current values and then redesign its website so as to smoothly transition into the new digital age.

Keeping in mind the company’s innovative and forward-thinking character, Mozaik’s experienced team of designers suggested a modern and elegant typographic logo in blue and white with a water drop being part of the typography, clearly suggesting the company’s field of expertise as well as its professionalism, efficiency and sustainable impact.

Based on the color palette of blue and white, the new, fully responsive website, clearly indicates the company’s area of business. The animation effects throughout introduce visitors to a new age of water management with the company’s history and background, products and services always being easy to reach through the fixed website menu. Straight forward and easy to navigate the website allows visitors to quickly move from page to page, learn about the company from its history, previous projects as well as valuable partners, and find out all there is to know about products and services provided by Idator.

The brand-new website of Idator is also a lead generation tool with a CTA button available in all products and services pages, directing interested parties straight to an interest form that they can use to request further information about products or services. The website is also an effective tool of recruitment, making it a focal point both for the company as well as its stakeholders.

Overall, the new corporate website of Idator is informative and comprehensive, following a proactive approach to customer service and visitor’s satisfaction. The website clearly expresses the company’s extensive knowhow, service and production capabilities, full spectrum of products and services and partner network while also promoting career opportunities in the field.

Reflecting the easiness of doing professional business in a friendly way, Idator’s new website captures the true essence of the company’s heritage and evolution.

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Idator website screenshot