Mozaik envisioned an inspirational concept website for The Capra Saas Fee, alpine-style resort in Switzerland with a creative story-telling content and video adjusting to the seasons. Due to its imaginative content and design the website was nominated for an Ermis Award in the category Digital Craft-Corporate & Brand Websites and won the Bronze award.

The Capra is a luxurious boutique wellness hotel artfully combining 5-star luxury with the coziness and warmth of a chalet. It is an alpine retreat in the spectacular Saas-Fee Swiss, ski resort evoking an atmosphere of wellbeing and noble comfort for a holiday drenched in rejuvenation and tranquility.

Esteemed guests visiting The Capra are welcome to embark on a journey enlivening the senses, a journey filled with scents, flavors and images that inspire.

Making a transition from the physical world to the digital one, Mozaik undertook the challenging task of designing and developing The Capra’s new website.

The main challenge was to convey the resort’s unique character, noble personality and connection with nature while also giving visitors a true sense of its warm welcoming atmosphere and sublime essence.

The best way for out team to capture the resort’s sense of “awe” was to have a first-hand experience at The Capra. Thus, ten of Mozaik’s and Cinecreed’s team members spend a week at the resort, taking in the magical scenery and the aerial panorama of the Sass Fee Ski Resort trying to conceptualize a story that would convey the overall experience, seeing the idea through from conception to development.

With the Capra being a favorable destination for both winter and summer, it was important to follow our story through the seasons, while at the same time showcasing the unique seasonal activities provided for guests to enjoy. After great thought and consideration, we decided to implement a unique functionality that would allow users to easily shift from the winter to the summer season and get a glimpse of the resort’s overall vibe and atmosphere during the period of their choice, sending the right message, to the right people at the right time.

The introductory video was masterfully assembled by Cinecreed Productions to portray the magic of the Alps, moving from the grace of the unparalleled nature to the grace one can experience within The Capra: the signature rooms and suites, the farm to table dining philosophy, the winter/summer sports activities, the Peak Health philosophy and the personalized approach to relaxation and wellness. The images produced and selected throughout the website follow a narrative approach, unfolding one by one, the unique moments one can experience at The Capra.

The color palette selected reflects nature’s euphoria and Alpine magic with The Capra logo adorning every page.

Combining a clear-cut design with minimal aesthetics and the well-organized architecture of information with the rich content, the new website clearly showcases the identity and philosophy of The Capra while ensuring an enjoyable navigation experience from desktop, mobile or tablet. At the same time the website follows a conversion-oriented approach encouraging web users to take action, proceed with a booking and optimize performance for the resort.

Step into the Alpine magic: