Always at the forefront of cutting-edge social media practices, Mozaik attended the “Spread the Batiste Secret Event” to spread the “Batiste Secret” through all social media platforms in the most engaging manner so as to draw the audience in and trigger them to action.

From the 17th to the 22nd of October of 2022, Batiste curated an event at The Mall Athens in order to connect with its audience and “Spread the Batiste Secret” of renewed and refreshed hair between washes in just 4 moves.

A remarkable stage, with a colorful swing adorned with flowers was created to communicate the very essence of the brand and to evoke Batiste’s breath of freshness.

Developing solutions to connect the physical with the digital world for seamless communication across channels, Mozaik created a dedicated phygital campaign and designed a content plan, so as to cover the event live and generate real-time content through all platforms. The #SpreadBatisteSecret Campaign was launched in two phases, the teaser phase and the actual launch phase through which user-generated content and influencer content was created for the brand’s channels.

The event was backed by a number of influencers as well as hair stylists who created 500 amazing quick hair dos on the spot. With many gifts, games, 4,000 Batiste samples & consumer leaflets the event was a success grabbing the attention of more than 50,000 passers-by and creating more than 5,000 new contacts.

In collaboration with a pool of nano and micro influencers we posted a series of transitional videos with the influencers’ having a fresh hair do without revealing how it was done asking the audience to stay tuned in order to find out more. Later on, they revealed the secret live from the Batiste Stage along with the campaigns hashtag that was no other than the “Batiste” products.

Taking advantage of influencers’ impact, we strategically chose profiles of nano and micro influencers that matched the brand’s niche that would ensure a better reach and better engagement rate. Thus, we managed to achieve an engagement rate of 13.9% avg from influencers alone.

With daily live coverage from the event, photos, and videos from the stage, IG live, tips for quick & dirty hair looks that were uploaded on our social media platforms, we succeeded in communicating the pulse and great vibes of the event triggering the audience’s interest so much that many of our followers joined the event just to discover more about the Batiste secret.

Mozaik was present to share and spread the “Batiste Secret” with live broadcasting through the brand’s social media accounts and through the accounts of 6 influencers that reflected the brand’s look and feel and were specially chosen for our cause. More specifically Mozaik created 18 social media posts & 48 stories, counting 2.798.028 total impressions. The increase of organic impressions in total vs average/month was +1.740% and the average reach engagement rate skyrocketed at +94%.

Overall, the event was a great success and even though the secret has been revealed there are still more to come.

So, stay tuned!