JC Architects is an emerging architectural and construction company in Athens creating original concepts for new construction and renovation projects for hotels, residences, restaurants, shops, etc. The company’s growth and course so far has significantly contributed to its transition to a new era with a new vision towards green architecture emphasizing on renewability and sustainable development.

The company needed a new logo and corporate id that would express its new vision. Mozaik was happy to undertake this project and come up with a unique company logo and id that truly reflects the brand, conveys integrity and trust.

The new logo is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, employing the visual significance of the new architectural approach.

By deconstructing the initials J & C, we created shapes that can be found in the architectural construction. Shapes that represent different versions of buildings, floor plans and sections, that harmoniously coexist in space. Forms that come together to create a whole or function as separate units.

The modern, bold and at the same time light fonts reflect the pioneering and innovative activity of the company while the choice of black promotes the integrity, professionalism and reliability with which the company treats each project.

Following the minimal and elegant style expressed by the logo, the new corporate id was designed to increase brand awareness and maintain coherence through all brand communications.

With this new, minimal yet dynamic logo, JC Architects make a strong statement in the field of construction and a sure bet for the future.