After the successful launch of Roswell Tankers & Thenamaris website, Mozaik continues to sail in the maritime industry with the design and development of the modern and innovative website of Minerva Gas.

Minerva Gas is the youngest offspring of Minerva Marine, one of the leading tanker management companies in Greece. Investing on the heritage and long expertise of its mother company, Minerva Gas specializes in transport vessels for liquified natural gas (LNG), just as its name suggests. With 5 specially manufactured LNG ships of the latest technology in its possession, Minerva Gas is committed to providing ship management services of the highest quality contributing positively to its stakeholders, people and society. Promoting operational, health, safety, security and environmental excellence with zero incidents, zero spills and environmental releases, reduction in permitted emissions and adaptation of best practices, Minerva Gas strives to become a shipping company of choice, standing out for its people, performance and business ethos.

Minerva Gas contacted Mozaik in need of a digital presence that would introduce the company to the digital work and promote it maritime activities along with the company’s anthropocentric and environmental character and culture. Another important prerequisite for the website was to highlight the people and safety standards they offer as incentives to ensure a consistency of performance.

Mozaik answered that call with a modern, user-friendly and easy to navigate website, corresponding to the company’s profile and philosophy, putting its newbuilding project and fleet list as well as employees at center stage.

Mozaik’s team of professionals visualized the company’s anthropocentric value by putting people at the forefront both visually and in terms of content. A Menu item was dedicated to people (our people) where stakeholders are encouraged to work either in the offices or in the company’s fleet after considering the competitive advantages they should take into account.

In terms of design, the website differs from standard shipping websites with the selection and size of fonts creating a more modern and friendly “look and feel” not usually found in maritime industry website.

The colors, inspired from the logo are highlighted throughout the website, bringing forward the nature of the industry sector while the clear navigation menu, the photos and multimedia files make it easy for users to browse through pages and really comprehend the company’s purpose and commitment to its people, safety culture and environmental care.

Combining innovative design and advanced technologies, the brand-new website of Minerva Gas has been specially developed to maximize brand awareness, attract partners and increase leads.

Learn more about Minerva Gas here: www.minervagas.com