Thenamaris assigned Mozaik to create a brand new website reflecting the company’s world leading position in first class shipping management services as well as its mission, vision and values. Mozaik undertook this assignment creating a fully responsive model website according to the high-standards and world-class caliber of Thenamaris, a modern, forward-thinking company, with dynamism.


Based on the idea less is more, the new website features a clean and comprehensive typographical grid as well as a clear and crisp layout with reference to nautical tools reflecting the company’s naval background.

With a fresh and clean look-and-feel, the new website uses smooth animations to grab user’s attention while ensuring ease of navigation throughout the website.

The clear menu and at a glance statistics allow browsers to get an idea about the company right from the start, while the nautical colors inspired by the logo and the naval animations linked with Thenamaris’ nautical area of expertise, subliminally accompany users throughout their journey in the website.

The structure of the website menu, the pages’ architecture and content give users the opportunity to navigate through the core elements that render Thenamaris an Integrated Ship Management company and find the information they seek concerning the company’s legacy, services, and managed fleet. Extra focus was also given on employees’ stories and CSR articles that were strategically placed in forward positions so as to draw potential HR inquiries as the website targets current and potential employees, and promotes company’s commitment to sustainability.


Following the company’s successful course, the new website showcases Thenamaris’ pioneering role not only in global ship management but also in the digital era.

The new era of shipping management has arrived.

Check out the new website of Thenamaris here: