Being in the construction industry for more than 60 years now, CCC decided to refresh and update its online presence in order to better communicate its work, achievements and expertise in construction and improve the user experience with updated content and modernized design.

Mozaik undertook this transition by creating a new modern and dynamic corporate website reflecting the company’s values and philosophy. The look and feel of the website was further enhanced by new corporate images that were shot with Mozaik’s artistic guidance.


ccc construction

Inspired by the company’s brand identity, the color palette that was incorporated in the website features CCC’s 4 basic colors, black, red, white and grey conveying the company’s high sense of quality, expertise, innovation and professionalism.

With a more technical structure, the new website presents a more enriched content in a straight-forward matter making navigation through pages easy and sleek.


Construction in Middle East

Overall CCC’s new website better conveys the company’s present business scope, course and purpose.

Witness a new take off in construction here: