Roswell Tankers Corp. began its operation in 2012 as a subsidiary of Roswell Navigation Corporation established in 1986. It is a ship management company with a remarkable fleet of its own, providing tanker vessels for oil and chemical cargo transportation.

Although newly created, Roswell Tankers Corporation is already in a competitive position as it carries decades of experience from its mother corporation. It is constantly growing and expanding worldwide, continuously improving and committed to ensure safety in operations. It is adjusting in evolving industry practices and is always prepared to go the extra mile to meet the needs of its clients.

Dedicated to offer high-quality services and safety standards the company has established its position among the greatest players in the global market, striving to become a leading company of choice for global sea transportation of oil and chemical cargoes.

Following an upward path, Roswell Tankers Corporation needed to upgrade its digital presentation so as to reflect its continuous development. A fully responsive, SEO optimized website that would enhance the company’s image, attract major players in the market, communicate its values and services to partners around the world and help recruit new employees.

Its aspiration for a new digital presence was realized by Mozaik who undertook the design and development of a fresh, credible and inspiring new website reflecting the company values of Responsibility, Trust and Commitment as a mirror image of Roswell Tankers Corporation.

The colors of the website reflect those in the company logo maintaining brand consistency throughout while the choice of strict lines and angles in the design and font as well as rapid animation effects support the company’s dynamic character.

The minimal content allows the images of the company’s fleet to clearly stand out highlighting its field of expertise.

Diversified, colorful and very representative of the company’s products, services and values, the new responsive and SEO optimized website functions as a branding as well as recruitment tool that can easily be updated with new information. It features a burger menu allowing visitors to search through pages, learn about the company’s history, fleet and partners, corporate and social responsibility and easily complete the seafarer’s applications form, whistleblowing form or multi-level application form specially designed for new employees.

The fresh new website of  Roswell Tankers Corporation really captures the essence of the new digital epoch as well as the company’s successful and ongoing expansion.

Learn more about Roswell Tankers Corporation here: www.roswelltankers.com