We were very excited to participate in another Marketing Festival in Brno taking place in November. This time, 8 members from our online marketing team traveled to the Czech Republic in order to learn new things and come back full of new insights.

We started our trip with a morning flight to Prague and our first stop to the capital of the Czech Republic was amazing. We visited the city center and tasted the local cuisine (accompanied with Czech beer of course).

marketing festival 2015 brno

Then we drove to the lovely city of Brno in order to get ready for the conference. Our first impression of Brno was great as the city was already filled with the Christmas spirit. We had our first walk around the city and our first local dinner there.

marketing festival 2015 brno

On Thursday the 26th of November, we attended the first Workshop where we gained actionable tips on Google Tag manager and Yandex search engine, which is still dominating Russian-speaking countries and offers great tools for marketeers.

marketing festival 2015 brno

Friday was the big day! Digital marketeers from all over Europe gathered in Janáček Theater for a very insightful day. The conference started with a speech from the event organizer, Jindřich Fáborský, who welcomed us and shared some information about the inauguration of the event.

marketing festival 2015 brno

Then we had the chance to listen to some great speeches. The conference started with Oli Gardner, explaining with a great sense of humor how to build the perfect landing page. By deconstructing every single element of a landing page, he displayed many examples and best practices.  He showed that if you just follow best practices you will build a Frankenpage.

marketing festival 2015 brno

@oligardner “people should be able to say what your website is about after seeing it for 5 seconds”

Then, Aleyda Solis shared her expertise on SEO and her opinion that there is no single recipe to success.

“A SEO Expert must first gather and analyze all necessary big data. Analysis of this big data will lead to a custom recipe to success”! Aleyda Solis

Afterwards, amazing Marty Neumeier, the brand guru, looked into the brand flip and explained how important it is to know your brand and to show extra attention to a loyal customer.

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization” It’s not what you say it is, it’s what THEY say it is.

marketing festival 2015 brno

Daniel Gilbert, described how you can build your own automated bidding system in AdWords and also shared tips and insights about better bidding. Dan Petrovic talked about the advanced SEO Process: the most important takeaway was that creating exciting content, catching the news or even creating news is the key for engaging users.

“Content fatigue: Users mostly scan, they do not read. Try to be engaging. Content should not be mass produced” Dan Petrovic

marketing festival 2015 brno

Finally, Bjoern Sju elaborated on low-cost tools that make high-end CRM possible with some great examples. During the main speeches we had the time to study some very interesting case studies from the Czech Republic. We also had the chance to discuss with Digital Marketing gurus, as Phil Pearce, about Tag Manager and gain valuable tips for challenges we face in our accounts.

After this long day, we joined the Brno’s Ballroom Blitz at Richard Adam Gallery to discuss all the new data over wine and relax before the second day of the event.

On Saturday we were very happy as the sun came out in Brno and we had our last day in the conference with so much to learn. The day started with an interesting speech from Bart Schutz about Data and psychology, bringing out an example with his two sons as completely different customers. Afterwards, Larry Kim (Founder and CEO of Mobile Monkey) spoke about the future of PPC Marketing in 2016, explaining why the strength of PPC Ads is also their weakness as they don’t create a new demand. Thus, he elaborated on a sophisticated remarketing program combining Facebook and Adwords in order to create more targeted lists in terms of location, interest and behavior and shared tips on better quality score on Facebook Ads.

“Promote your best stuff! Find your unicorn” Larry Kim

marketing festival 2015 brno

Then SEO expert Jason Acidre, talked about Creative Link Building and stated by saying that it is a brand marketing tool and can be used for brand awareness. Daniel Waisberg, Analytics Advocate from Google, London, talked about TITE (time, interactions, trends, and events), a matrix that helps in the data analysis process.

Brendan Almack and his colleague Ciaran gave real examples on how to leverage the use of audiences created in Google Analytics. Last but not least, Phil Nottingham closed the conference with a speech about SEO and CRO on Video Marketing and shared valuable and actionable tips on video optimization.

“Think of thumbnails like movie posters” Phil Nottingham

After these 2 long days we needed a decompression and the Kadebostany concert at Fleda club was the perfect remedy.

marketing festival brno

On the next day, we drove back to Prague in order to relax and set up our new goals. The atmospheric Tretter’s cocktail bar was the perfect spot to discuss our thoughts on the conference and our new objectives.

marketing festival brno

We left the Czech Republic full of thoughts, insights and experiences from other marketeers. Also stuffed from the delicious and plentiful local specialties! We became a more bonded team and felt that all of our efforts, make us happy and fulfilled. We were also satisfied to realize that most of the tactics applied globally, are also applied by our team and oftenly lead to successful results.  We look forward applying all that we learned and doing the best for our clients and collaborators. Until the next time, Sbohem!

marketing festival

Bonus: Find all the presentation Slides here!

All presentations are video recorded and you can buy them for a small fee here:

Day 1

Frankenpage: Using A Million Little Pieces of Data to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page

Oli Gardner Slides @oligardner

Conquering International Search Markets: The key ingredients for international SEO success in competitive countries

Aleyda Solis Slides @Aleyda

The Brand Flip: Why customers now run companies and how to profit from it

Marty Neumeier Slides @MARTYneumeier

How to build your own automated bidding system in less than 6 weeks

Daniel Gilbert Slides @danielgilbert44

Advanced SEO Process: Data, Strategy, Content and Outreach

Dan Petrovic Slides @dejanseo

Highend CRM with low cost tools

Bjoern Sjut Slides @isdaron

Day 2

Data, Customers & the art of applying Psychology

Bart Schulz Slides @BartS

How to plan, setup and launch b2b marketing automation system in 90 days or less

Dan Gridin Slides @swotme

The Future of PPC Marketing in 2016 and Beyond

Larry Kim Slides @larrykim

The New Age of Brand Building: Creative Link Building

Jason Acidre Slides @jasonacidre

Data Analytics Framework: Putting context into data

Daniel Waisberg Slides @danielwaisberg

The Day Google AdWords Changed Forever!

Brendan Almack Slides @brendanalmack

Video for SEO, CRO, Social and Beyond!

Phil Nottingham Slides @philnottingham