Continuing its successful cooperation with established clients in the construction industry, Mozaik undertakes the challenge to enhance Lacomar’s overall presence and position in the market with a new company logo, slogan, corporate id and branding tools and reintroduce the brand in the digital world with a new innovative company website.

Lacomar was established in 1967 and since then has acquired an extensive knowledge, experience and know-how in the mining, selection, curation and supply of the best marbles and natural stones from all over the world. Lacomar is leading the way in the market with its long-standing expertise, the many unique marbles and natural stones in its portfolio from its own quarries or other quarries from around the world as well as the development of some of the most remarkable mega projects worldwide. It serves as a consulting company for the selection and implementation of natural stones in a project according to needs and budget, as a seller of its own diversified products and as a contractor undertaking the entire execution of a project from sourcing new materials, selection and inspection, monitoring and quality control, handling and storing, numbering, packaging, delivering, implementing and even offering after sales support. Lacomar treats marble and stones as natural gems that can be implemented into a project to enhance its look and feel and to radiate a sense of eternal beauty, class and elegance.

The company’s slogan was created on this note, as in any circumstance Lacomar is always in pursuit of “perfecting marble”.

The logo with the Greek letter λ is inspired by the first letter of the company’s name, by the natural, linear shapes of marbling and the Greek origin of marble itself. The marble behind the λ along with the imprinted date highlight the company’s area of specialty and long-lasting expertise.

The corporate id, in line with the logo reintroduces Lacomar as a new generation of inheritors in the industry ready to build on their know-how and expertise, open out to a new world of opportunities and provide even more efficient, creative and innovative solutions.

With marble always being at center stage as a timeless, elegant statement, the new state-of-the-art website highlight’s the company’s expertise in natural stones, extensive range of services, unique variety or products and large portfolio of mega high-end projects all around the world such as hotels, private residencies, and public buildings. The idea behind this conception is to help interested parties feel confident to rely on the company and its cooperation and soon be added to the company’s customer portfolio.

Inspired by the finesse of all-natural stones, the website is set in a grey color scheme also signifying the company’s bold personality. The minimal design enhances the natural look and feel while allowing projects to stand out without sacrificing UX. Functional, elegant and of high aesthetics the website underlines Lacomar’s progressive and premium character through the content and design itself.

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