Megas Yeeros was founded in 2007 with the vision to bring the taste of Greece to every table internationally and to make Yeeros a global product. Today, it is the number one producer of Yeeros in the world with 2 production units, one in Greece and one in the USA.

It produces more than 20 tons of yeeros, 10 tons of kebabs and 10 tons of meat products daily on behalf of the European market.

Quality assurance at all stages is carried out through certified methods and with the full exploitation of modern technological capabilities.

The company’s products are available in Europe, America, Canada, Panama and soon in the Middle East. The products are mostly distributed through Greek restaurants, steak houses as well as supermarkets.

Mega Yeeros as a brand with an intense and passionate personality, not afraid to be exposed, spontaneous, enthusiastic and with humor, casual with a focus on well-being, warm, creative, and honest, always looking for new stimulations.

Inspired by its enthusiastic mindset, Mozaik envisioned a website with a dynamic, vibrant and lively look and feel infused with a sense of fun and lightness but with serious intension. To clearly showcase the full range of products of Megas Yeeros, the integrated quality control solutions, the advanced technological know-how and brand values followed during production to achieve the optimal end results.

Through this exquisitely designed website, users can learn more about the company, its values, goals and aspirations, awards and recognitions, the culture of production and education, the range of products of Megas Yeeros and the end points of distribution of Mega Yeeros and Mega Meatless.

The functional map allows the user to use filters in order to locate the nearest point where the product of his choice is available. After purchasing the product of choice, users can go back to the website and the recipes section where they can look for recipes by product type.

Mega Yeeros is making a big step forward with a new state-of-the-art digital presence that matches its reputation and can serve as a fun and informative touch point for professionals, businesses, and consumers worldwide.

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