Sinomarin was developed 20 years ago as the first hypertonic sea water spray for nasal care. This bespoke Gerolymatos International S.A. subsidiary features a complete hypertonic line of 100% natural nasal products with optimum concentration of sea salt suitable for the entire family with zero side-effects.

Aiming to communicate its innovative formula and boost awareness, Sinomarin assigned Mozaik to develop and design a brand new website that would cope with the new digital era, grab the attention of visitors while making it easy for them to browse through products and select the most suitable nasal and ear solution for them.

After studying closely, the company’s DNA and unique product spectrum, Mozaik undertook the challenge of creating a fresh new website for Sinomarin that would reflect the company’s innovations and high-end solutions.



Easy to use and informative with consistent UI/UX and proper filtering allowing visitors to search for the appropriate solution for them in the easiest and quickest way possible, the new responsive and fully optimized website features appealing videos, photos and illustrations triggering viewers’ attention while communicating all clinical aspects of the products in a delightful way.



The intro video along with the all-white background and blue accents highlight the natural substance of the products as well as the high concentration of sea salt.


To further promote the company’s ground-breaking products, Mozaik created a company blog to be used as a source of medical knowledge and bring forward Sinomarin’s advance thinking and pioneering medical solutions.

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