Most Social Media posts are about increasing Fans, getting more Likes, followers and retweets. However, have you ever wonder how social media interactions add to your company?

Do you want to know if you are successful on social media? You might heard that you probably can’t measure the ROI of your Social Media efforts from most sceptic digital marketers however this is totally untrue. Here are some metrics and actions that can help you drive conclusions about your effort and ROI.

Start with a goal

First of all you have to set your key performance indicators (KPIs) and your goals. More specifically you have to determine what you want to achieve with social media and set your SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, timed) objectives according to your company’s needs. ROI in social media can be measured through various metrics, such as: leads, traffic to website, direct customer service, contest entries etc.

What about engagement

A powerful social presence can, firstly, help you build brand awareness. Likes, comments, retweets and shares may not translate directly in sales however these interactions can help you gain significant awareness. Companies that leverage social media, can communicate directly with their existing customers, helping also to build brand loyalty. Engagement is an important metric that every digital marketer should add on his company performance. There are also valuable tools that can help you measure your social media account engagement.

brand awareness

Tracking as usual

In order to measure your results you have to track your campaigns and your activities on social media in terms of spend, time and employees’ effort. Additionally, every campaign and activation you run, need to achieve specific KPIs. Google Analytics is a great free tool that provides extensive information about campaign performance and can help you derive valuable information.

campaign tracking

Faster with advertising

It is a fact that social media advertising will help you succeed your social media goals faster and easier, if performed correctly. Again, establishing your goals (page likes, reach, clicks to website) and KPIs is mandatory for a Social media advertising campaign and having a clear view of what you want to succeed. More specifically, Facebook has made it so easy to establish your advertising goals by segmenting them and helping marketers to achieve them.

social media advertising

To conclude, having a clear overview of your goals and activities will help you measure the ROI of your efforts. However, the most important action on measuring ROI is testing, a constant procedure for digital marketing efforts. Once you start testing and measuring you will probably need to set new goals and start testing again.

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