Google AdWords for the Search network is an advertising platform which designed for businesses that want to reach new customers online by displaying their ads on Google Search and its partners’ websites.

Pay per Click advertising channel, meaning that your business pays only when potential clients are express their interest, that is they click on one of your ads.

Google AdWords advertisements are triggered by the queries typed in the search engines and, as such, served right above the corresponding search results.


Actual Benefits, measureable results

As time passes more and more online marketers trust Google AdWords for their online ad campaigns.

Google AdWords excels at three strategic points and any business any can benefit from them:

    • Reach potential customers at the precise moment they are searching what your business offers.
    • Have full control of your budget.
    • Monitor exactly what works for your business and invest on that.


A few tips for a successful AdWords campaign.

  • Build a psychological profile of your customers in order to approach them effectively.
  • Discuss and analyze your online advertising objectives and goals with your agency.
  • Define your budget and any restrictions it may have and definitely ask the advice of your agency. Most of the times it is good to start with a low budget and extend it later.
  • Define the proper KPI’s and start monitoring them.
  • Be patient. Regardless of your budget you should use AdWords for at least three months before deciding whether it’s right for your business or not.

 tips for adwords campaign

Take Action

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