According Google, majority of media consumption (about 90%) come along in front of a screen! The gradually simultaneous use of PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, TVs leads to what we call ‘cross-platform behavior’ that creates new standards in consumer behavior analysis.

Almost a 90% of users start an action on one device and continue to another one (sequential screening) with smartphones being the starting device in most cases. On the other side, the largest part of TV viewers uses another device the same time (simultaneous screening) leading to the need of an integrated campaign including different media devices.

Therefore, marketers- creating tailor-made experiences in each channel- must consider when defining digital goals (conversion, call for action, visits etc) not only the device where they were initially displayed.

In recent Google Travel Forum, held in Athens in February 2013, Nigel Huddleston, Industry Head for Google UK, highlighted the needs of this “New multi-screen world” stressing out that “the average number smartphone users look at their phones is 150 times a day“! So, multi-screen world gets mainstream especially if we take into account that we spend 4.4 hours of our leisure time in front of screens.

More specifically for travel industry, Mr Huddleston underlined that more than 20% of European travel queries are made on non-desktop devices, suggesting that going mobile has become a business imperative.

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