Mozaik’s team was delighted to participate at HORECA 2013, the leading national fair for tourism and catering industry that attracts thousands of professionals in the hospitality sector each year.

Our presence was not limited to our exhibitor booth; Mozaik’s workshops and presentations had a great impact as its team members unfolded some of the best practices of digital marketing that should be applied in the field of tourism.

Some important highlights to remember

  1. The Digital factor plays a great role as it influences the traveler before, during and after the actual travel experience
  1. The combination of Search & Display advertising is the most effective branding and performance part of your digital marketing mix
  1. E-mail marketing is an efficient way to utilize the client’s database in order to invest on relationship building, promotions and loyalty strategies
  1. Web metrics is one of the greatest revolutions that Internet brought about  and a major tool to measure, analyze and optimize your digital strategy
  1. Generate an emotional impact by building an efficient digital experience to promote “Dream” as the first step of the digital traveler
  1. Protect your brand name generated traffic from brand jacking by utilizing search advertising (PPC) and direct those who search your brand by name to your own website
  1. Get ideas for online exposure by your travel partners (i.e online travel agents )
    1. Utilize efficient yield management to optimize online revenue


  1. Incorporate the true unique selling proposition (USP) comprising of “location”, “comfort” and “value” into your digital presence