Kouvidis SA is one of the largest Greek pipe manufacturers, specializing in the development and production of innovative plastic pipes and fittings for cable management and protection, sewage and drainage. Since its establishing in 1979, the company constantly designs and innovates safe solutions for the most demanding application fields, gaining the installer’s confidence in the depth of time. With the aim to produce high-value plastic piping systems, to offer a unique customer experience through the provision of high quality solutions and services, Kouvidis has managed to enhance “made in Greece” reputation and ensured a sustainable environment for its employees, customers, partners, suppliers and local society. The optimum mix of Kouvidis’ people know-how and experience combined with advanced machinery of the latest technology, led to long-lasting products that meet the growing needs of building and infrastructure sectors in Greece, Europe and Middle East.

Kouvidis SA

As the company keeps expanding and the needs of the new digital era demandingly arise, Kouvidis assigned Mozaik to create a new website in order to communicate the company’s values and clearly reflect its operations excellence. Mozaik studied closely all of the client’s needs and delivered website design, development, art direction/photography and SEO with the aim to refresh Kouvidis’ online presence and improve the users’ experience with informative content and contemporary design.

The look and feel of the website was further enhanced by new images that were shot with Mozaik’s artistic guidance, by photographer Dimitris Poupalos. Having in mind that Kouvidis’ performance lies to the powerful bonds of its people and their up to date machinery, Mozaik highlighted this intrinsic bond through the photographs, which clarify that machines are not just another tool but the actual physical extension of their respective operators.


Kouvidis SA

Inspired by the company’s values – reliability, consistency and quality – Mozaik created an easy to navigate and sophisticated website with clean cut lines and vivid colors from the everyday industry life. The rich in content site offers the user the opportunity to find everything one seeks, providing all the necessary information for every single product. In that way, it functions as a responsive product catalogue for both B2C and B2B sales operations, offering the possibility to a digital expansion along with the company’s physical expansion to exports in West countries. Overall, Kouvidis’ new website reflects the company’s innovation, operation excellence and commitment to sustainable development, elevating the brand status and paving its path to the new digital era.

Witness the refreshed site here:

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