Continuing its expansion in real estate, hospitality, FinTech and medical ventures in Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom and Central Europe, Treppides Investments needed to upgrade its digital footprint so as to cope with the trends of the modern era.
In order to better understand the company’s scope of business and comprehend its needs and requirements, Mozaik conducted several meeting sessions and interviews with key representatives as well as the founder Nicolas Treppides.

After carefully studying the findings, Mozaik designed and developed a brand-new website with a bold and dynamic design based on the blue and black color combination of the logo conveying the company’s business oriented and proficient character. The look and feel of the website were further enhanced by the concise, informative and appealing content that was used to grab users’ attention and create engagement.


The idea behind this project was the creation of a website that would function as an expanded business agenda, showcasing right from the start the company’s success stories, areas of expertise, sectors of interest, philosophy, goals and motivation. The basic structure, comprehensive typography and user-interface animations highlight simply that, while ensuring an enjoyable and fluid UX experience.


Investing on the latest technological trends, the new website of Treppides Investments & Holdings features PHP, SCSS, MySQL, Javascript and vivus.js, as well as rellax.js,waypoint.js,letteringjs from js libraries moving a step ahead in data visualization.

Enter the New Epoch of Treppides Investments: https://www.treppides.net/