Founded by Vassilis Kalantzis in 2008, Granikal continued its upward trend, becoming the exclusive distributor of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands in the country in 2014. Following its successful course, the brand needed to curate its digital footprint with a brand-new website featuring a fresh new look and feel that would reflect the company’s innovative business approach and high-quality standards of operation and work as a promotional tool for the Athens Bar Show as well as for other upcoming exhibitions and events.

Mozaik’s expert team studied the needs, culture and positioning of the company and began to craft a new website that would upgrade Granikal’s digital presence while meeting the company’s overall objectives and bring forward its vision and values.


Inspired by Granikal’s playful and colorful logo, the brand-new website uses bold typography, colored backgrounds and large images conveying the company’s modern and sleek mission, to provide high quality distribution services that exceed expectations. The slight animations and sharp images highlight the quality of service while promoting the types of imported brands making it easy for visitors to understand the nature of Granikal’s business.

Providing a user-friendly navigation experience, the new website puts bartenders at the front row being the brand’s main ambassadors in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria. The playful content and animation effects add to the overall user experience making navigation more enjoyable than ever.

Check out Granikal’s new modern digital presence here: