Looking to refresh its digital presence, KEBE assigned Mozaik to use its know-how, creative spirit and expertise and develop a new logo and website that would implement the latest digital trends and showcase the company’s fundamental values, products and services in the best possible way.

Established in 1935, in the area of Kilkis, KEBE leads the way in the brick and tile industry business in Northern Greece. It is by far the largest manufacturing plant of construction material and bricks in Greece that also operates in more than 20 countries around the world.

The 100% eco-friendly materials, the robotics used in the production lines, the advanced control systems and high-quality assurance have turned the company into a pioneer in the field.

To share this with the world, Mozaik had to design and develop a new logo and website for the brand reflecting its scope, vision and values.

The new logo represents the deconstruction of the letter K suggesting the erection of a building or better a home while the green colour was selected to reflect the company’s eco-friendly character. The logo has retained its original descriptor as it is well known by the public and it also states the date of the company’s establishment highlighting its know-how and expertise.

The homepage of the website begins with a linear design of a building that seems as being constructed on the spot. Then the cursor reveals the actual building as you go as if looking through the peephole.

The colors used for the website have been inspired by the logo and several custom design icons and infographics have been implemented to visualize important information about the company.

Fully responsive, the website reveals the company’s values, innovation, eco consciousness and quality throughout with svg animations, large images and a crisp minimal design with linear elements that ease the navigation experience and promotes the company’s USP.


The brand-new website uses filters to help visitors seek for products and services in a fast and efficient way.

KEBE is here, aiming for a greener future for our homes. See for yourself!