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Flowers that are properly watered and catered for will sure blossom at some point in time.


Founded in 2010 by Nicolas Treppides, Treppides Investments is a private equity conglomerate headquartered in Cyprus creating value with hands on investments in Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom and Central Europe for real estate, hospitality, FinTech and medical ventures.


The former website of Treppides Investments was mostly focused on the company’s real estate ventures, so it needed a full renewal in order to incorporate all other areas of expertise, cope with the modern digital era and stay ahead of the competition.


Due to the broad sector-spectrum targeted by the company, Mozaik needed a clear overview of its ventures so as to better convey its areas of expertise and communicate the company’s vision and values. In order to better understand the company’s overall business activities, Mozaik conducted a series of in-depth interviews and briefing sessions with key representatives as well as the founder himself. After studying these data as well as the company’s background information, future goals and vision, Mozaik designed and developed a fully responsive website following the latest trends in the industry. The bold blue and black color combination of the logo is carried throughout the website highlighting the company’s dynamic, business oriented and proficient character. Developing a concise, informative and appealing content for the users, Mozaik has found a way to trigger attention and engagement.

Web Design & Development

Mozaik decided to slightly alter the traditional content architecture and create a mega-homepage, functioning as an online presentation of the Group’s overall business scope highlighting the company’s main philosophy, business sectors and areas of expertise. The new website features a basic structure, comprehensive typography and user-interface animations that ease navigation and offer a fluid UX experience. Following the latest technological trends, the new website also features PHP, SCSS, MySQL, Javascript and vivus.js, as well as rellax.js,waypoint.js,letteringjs from js libraries.